Bystander Intervention Training of Trainers

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  • Venue: Council on American Islamic Relations
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      6120 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 2D
      Baltimore, MD 21228
  • Venue: Council on American Islamic Relations

In response to the escalation of hateful incidents in the DC metro area, the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition (MCCRC) offers Bystander Intervention Training to teach others how to step up and be supportive when fellow community members are facing harassment and hate speech. In the past year, MCCRC has helped train over 3,000 people — including hundreds of trainers who have taken their new skills back to their communities across the country!

Our bystander training provides a grounding in the principles of nonviolence and de-escalation, followed by interactive scenarios where we practice our new skills.

In the first two hours of the Training of Trainers, we will practice managing group dynamics that can arise when community members share stories of biased harassment, which can lead to difficult emotional, political or interpersonal situations during a training. We will also give new trainers confidence to be group leaders by teaching them how to facilitate bystander skills with enthusiasm, compassion and the encouragement of group skill sharing. We will then break for lunch and discussion.

In the remainder of the training, we will break into small groups so that everyone can practice the entire training script, including soliciting responses from the group and setting up the practice scenarios.

(Note that if you are a professional trainer, none of our trainings or materials may be used for personal profit. We are offering this training strictly for those who will do it for others for free or to raise funds for nonprofit organizations)

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Presented by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition (MCCRC) and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)