Choose Civility Workplaces

Choose Civility Workplaces are Howard County, MD-based businesses and organizations that commit to incorporate the Principles of Civility into their cultures and performance models in such a way as to direct and transform the behavior of employees, members, stakeholders, customers, and business associates.


  1. Participate as a Choose Civility Workplace.
  2. Promote Choose Civility within organization to employees, members, and stakeholders and through distribution channels to constituents, customers, vendors, and suppliers.
    1. Display the Choose Civility logo and website link on organization’s website, employee locations and in appropriate marketing materials.
    2. Incorporate Choose Civility principles into employee training and internal employee communications.
    3. Distribute Choose Civility magnets and/or window decals.
    4. Display Faces of Civility posters, Choose Civility banner, and/or other promotional materials in appropriate organizational venues.
  3. Incorporate Choose Civility principles into business practices.
  4. Participate on a two-year renewable term.
  5. Share ideas for expanding and implementing Choose Civility throughout the business community.
  6. Conduct and/or attend at least one Choose Civility event or activity per year.
  7. Sponsor a Choose Civility event or portion of the overall initiative.


  1. Recognition and prestige as a community business leader in modeling the behavior of Choose Civility in organization’s business culture and operation.
  2. Use of the Choose Civility logo and other design elements and artwork for employee and organizational communications needs.
  3. Recognition and prestige as a certified Choose Civility Workplace:
    1. With link to workplace’s web site, on Choose Civility, Howard County Economic Development Authority, Howard County Chamber of Commerce (Chamber members only), and The Business Monthly web sites;
    2. In Choose Civility’s quarterly e-newsletter;
    3. In press release to local media;
    4. On framed certificate; and
    5. Choose Civility Workplace window decal.
  4. Opportunity to receive overview presentation for employees and/or customers by Choose Civility leaders.
  5. Advance access to all materials and tools for distribution to organization’s base.
  6. Advance invitation to Choose Civility events and activities.
  7. Enhance organizational culture that creates:
    1. More satisfied customers,
    2. More creative and productive employees, and
    3. Increased team spirit and loyalty among employees.
  8. Marketing tool for employee recruitment.

To explore becoming a Choose Civility Workplace Partner, please complete this brief online form. We will respond to you within five business days.