Choose Civility Workplace

The Choose Civility Workplace program in Howard County, MD includes businesses and organizations that commit to incorporate the Principles of Civility into their cultures and performance models in such a way as to direct and transform the behavior of employees, members, stakeholders, customers, and business associates. Click here for a PDF of a Choose Civility Workplace flyer.

Vision: As a workplace in Howard County, we choose to be a model of civility.

Mission: We demonstrate respect, compassion, empathy, and inclusiveness as our fundamental values, enhancing relationships and productivity with our employees, customers, partners, and vendors to further the quality of life for our workplace and community.


  • Extend the influence of civility in Howard County businesses and organizations by increasing their bottom-line ROI through enhanced workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and customer gratification.
  • Provide training, tools, and materials to easily incorporate Choose Civility Workplace into a business’s culture and operation.
  • Increase the business community’s engagement in Choose Civility Workplace, creating an overall positive impact on the community itself.

Criteria to participate as a Choose Civility Workplace:

  • Commit to actively engage in the Workplace program by incorporating its principles into your business culture
  • Promote and utilize Choose Civility Workplace program and principles within organization by doing at least two of the following:
    • Incorporate Choose Civility principles into business practices, employee training and internal employee communications and relations.
    • Display the Choose Civility Workplace logo and website link on organization’s website, at employee locations and in appropriate marketing materials.
    • Distribute and/or display Choose Civility Workplace materials in appropriate organizational venues.
  • Share feedback and ideas for expanding and implementing Choose Civility throughout the business community.
  • Participate on a two-year renewable term.


  • Opportunity to increase productivity and financial performance
  • Recognition and prestige as a community leader in modeling civil behavior in your organization’s culture: link on Workplace page on Choose Civility website, listing in Choose Civility’s quarterly e-newsletter, press release to local media, framed certificate, Choose Civility Workplace window decal
  • Use of the Choose Civility Workplace logo and other design elements for employee and organizational communications needs
  • Advance invitation to Choose Civility events and activities
  • Training and tools for employee recruitment and retention
  • Opportunity to enhance organizational culture that creates:
    • Greater customer and constituent satisfaction
    • Greater employee creativity and productivity
    • Increased team spirit and loyalty among employees
  • Evaluation tools to measure effectiveness and impact
  • Opportunity to receive overview presentation for employees and/or customers
  • Special distinction and competitive edge among your competitors

To explore becoming a Choose Civility Workplace Partner, please complete this brief online form. We will respond to you within five business days.