Choose Civility Alliance Partners

Critical to the success of Choose Civility, Alliance Partners are Howard County, MD-based organizations, businesses, government departments, faith-based organizations, and educational institutions that are active partners. Alliance Partners extend the initiative’s reach throughout Howard County to build awareness, involvement, and commitment.

No fee required for participation.

List of Alliance Partners.


  1. Serve as an active advocate of civility in Howard County and beyond.
  2. Promote Choose Civility within organization to employees, members, and stakeholders and through distribution channels to constituents, customers, vendors, and suppliers.
  3. Display the Choose Civility logo and website link on organization’s website and in appropriate marketing materials.
  4. Incorporate Choose Civility into organization’s marketing efforts (internally and externally).
  5. Two or more of the following:
    1. Participate in marketing, events, sustainability, or workplace committee.
    2. Participate in and promote Choose Civility events and programs.
    3. Sponsor (cash or in-kind) events/programs.
  6. Offer suggestions on new events, components, tools, and ideas for extending Choose Civility throughout the County.
  7. Serve a one-year renewable term.


  1. Recognition and prestige as a community leader and frontline collaborator.
  2. Recognition on Choose Civility website (with link to organization’s website), in promotional materials and at Choose Civility events.
  3. Use of the Choose Civility logo and other design elements and artwork.
  4. Display of Choose Civility identification and promotional materials within organization and its activities.
  5. Advance invitation to Choose Civility events and activities.
  6. Advance access to all materials and tools for distribution to organization’s base.
  7. Press release to local media announcing organization’s participation.
  8. Consideration for selection to serve on the Choose Civility Board of Advisors.

Contact Choose Civility to explore becoming an Alliance Partner by completing this brief online form. We will respond to you within five business days.